25. - 26. Mai 2024 - 13 Uhr

Hagenweg 2a / 37081 Göttingen


The Westfest of Flause will happen again! On the last weekend of May, we invite everyone from the neighbourhood to join us for a great celebration. We are looking forward to many different people coming together to have fun, eat delicious food, socialise and learn new things.


Here’s what you can expect at Westfest:

  • refreshing drinks at our bar
  • snippet disco (we will cook delicious food together)
  • varied music and children’s program
    a free swap market where everyone can contribute something (clothes, toys, plant or vegetable seedlings)
  • many booths of people from the surrounding area (food, art, initiatives, associations)
  • interactive workshops on different topics (e.g. handicrafts, repairing, upcycling, movement)